About Us


Welcome to INFINITE TRADING AND INVESTMENT, your number one source for everything related to trading, export, and picking the best products. We're dedicated to give you the best of our services, with a focus on customer satisfaction, quality and punctuality.

Who We Are?

INFINITE TRADING AND INVESTMENT is an international company specialized in exportating goods and products from different manufacturing countries such as Turkey, China, Europe, Asia and Latin America to all over the world. We specialize in exporting goods and products from manufacturer directly to customers, all over the world around the seven continents.

In the logistics part we provide shipping through air, sea and land.

Thanks to our wide network of relations, and connections directly with the resources. We also offer grouping and partial shipment services to several countries including duties and custom clearance.

Why Choose Us?

  1. We facilitate our clients need in the fastest and easiest way through the suitable prices and quality.
  2. Our resources are varied from several countries, also on the higher ranks of performance and quality.
  3. Widening our network of clients and improving their business.
  4. Collaborating with the best service providers, with high trust and punctuality.

What we do?

In the domain of trading, we offer rich sets of products. Starting by helping our clients to get the best products and materials that fits their needs and market in a very competitive prices.

Our Scope of work covers:

  1. Receiving clients orders
  2. Looking for the best and most affordable supplier
  3. Manufacturing customized products
  4. Packaging and offering private labels for clients, covering targeted quantities
  5. Clearance and custom duties at origin
  6. Managing and booking the soonest shipment and avoiding any delays